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Lime CRM Newsletter

Lime CRM Newsletter is an add-on for creating and sending email newsletters, including management of all things related to these activities such as subscriber and mailing lists management.

Requires Lime CRM version 12.51 or later

Organizing your email send-outs

You can have different kinds of email campaigns (e.g newsletters, product information and agreement renewals). In order to distinguish between them in Lime CRM you should have one consent type for each kind of email campaign.

You can them map a consent type to one or more publications in Bizzan.
So if you have a consent type called "product information" in Lime CRM, you can map that to the publications "Product A customers" and "Product B customers"

Creating email campaign

You start out by creating a campaign in Lime CRM, and adding participants to that campaign.
In the default configuration, the participants are assumed to be persons, but you can change that to whatever lime object you want using the Lime Admin config.

You should probably link a campaign to a consent type.

To design a nice looking send-out, you should log in to Bizzan, select a template and use the editor to make it look fancy.


When done designing your send-out you will want to get the recipients. When pressing "Add recipient list" in Bizzan, this add-on will go fetch all campaigns found in Lime CRM for you to chose from (this will ignore status and type).
If a campaign is linked to a consent type, only people with the consent type will be added as recipients. If a campaign doesn't have a consent type, then all participants in the campaign will be added.

When the send-out is sent, a mailing and a list of recipients will be created in Lime CRM. The mailing will get the status "sent" and statistics will be added to the recipients.

Recipient statuses

If an email bounces, the status is set to "bounced". If a recipient opens the email, the status is set to "opened". If a recipient clicks on a link in the email, the status is set to "clicked". If a recipient opts out, the status is set to "opt-out".

The order above is also the priority of the status. So if a recipient opts out and then clicks on a link in the email. The status will remain as "opt-out".
If the we get a hard bounce (the e-mail address is invalid or doesn't exist anymore) the add-on will set the "email_hardbounce" field on the person card if present.

Opting in and out

If a recipient opts out from a publication the add-on will update the consent approval for that person. First the add-on will attempt to get the consent type to update from the mapping given in the Lime Admin config. Otherwise it will get try to get the consent type of the campaign.
If a consent type is found the add-on will remove the consent approval on the person.

The same applies if someone opts in, with a single very useful difference. In addition to adding the consent approval, an event will be added to the Lime CRM event queue.
This can be very useful for a customization that wants to add leads to Lime CRM based on opt ins. Maybe you want to create a new person if they don't exist or set a status to something.

If a recipient opts out from everything (total opt out) the add-on will try to remove all consent approvals on the person. In addition to that if a field is found on the person card called "totaloptout" it will be set to true.


Mailing and recipient data is available on each mailing and recipient. On the recipient you can see if it has been sent, opened, clicked or bounced. On the mailing you can view HTML tabs for statistics and the mailing layout.