Step 1

The add-on (or at least the python code) should already be included in the latest release of Lime CRM. So this step is already done 😃

Step 2

Download the lip .zip file from the latest github release.
All current and previous releases can be found in github as well.

Step 3

Install the LIP package by running lip.InstallFromZip in the VBA immediate window and point out the .zip file you just downloaded in step 2 ☝️

Step 4

Make sure your Lime Admin Newsletter configuration is set up properly. Especially the importfields and consenttypemappings. See the configuration page for a more in depth guide how to set it up. By pressing the save-button the configuration is validated and possible errors are displayed.

Step 5

Give the newsletter account the right privileges in LISA. The account will need read permissions to all tables used by the integration: campaign, mailing, person, recipient, participant, consent and consenttype. It will also need write permissions for: mailing, person, recipient, and consent. If you want to use any type other than person as a mailing recipient you will need to add both read and write permissions for that table, e.g. company.

Step 6

Find your API key (or generate a new one). Create a Lime CRM integration in Newsletter using your base URL and API key. Log in to your Newsletter site and go to Administration -> Integrations and add a Lime CRM integration from the button in the top left corner.

The Configuration page will look like this with quite a few validation errors and warnings. This is OK, fix the warnings by filling out the required information and click validate at the top left corner.


The column settings are specified in the Lime CRM Admin config under importfields. All you need to do now is to map them to properties on the Newsletter recipient.


Lastly you will be able to see your consent mappings from the Lime CRM Admin config listed here.


Updating from version 1.0

It's not possible to update an existing integration. You will have to create a new 2.0 integration and delete the old one from the list of integrations. However all the previsouly created mailings and statistics are compatible with new 2.0 integrations.

There will be an 1.0 Admin configuration file under Administration page -> Miscellaneous -> Newsletter. But you will have to update it with the new fields which you can find here